The Return

It always feels daunting coming back to a blog after so long. I always feel as though I need to make excuses for my absence, list a number of projects I'll be doing online to share with everyone and a strict schedule as to when I'll post things. Truthfully, I miss coming on and writing. … Continue reading The Return

I Moved House (And Town)

I've tried to write this post for almost a month now - each time I type it up, I leave it for a few days and revisit to spell check and make sure its coherent. And each time I find myself deleting it and rewriting it in a whole new way. There are a tonne … Continue reading I Moved House (And Town)


I'm back! From December last year when I posted a lot has happened - I moved out of home for the first time, joined a gym, signed up for a course, and work full time. Yeah, I've been pretty busy. With everything that's changed, finally being settled again, I'm ready to start writing again. Stay tuned … Continue reading Update