Fairtrade Fortnight Australia: Scarborough Tea

Something a lot of people aren’t aware of, but Fairtrade fortnight has just happened! From August 7th to 20th ways we as consumers can support farmers and workers around the globe are highlighted.

I’ve always been aware of fairtrade chocolate as there was a large campaign a few years back (and I’m low-key addicted to chocolate) so I’ve broadened my horizons to other products I can test out to support those who supply us (also where we get our products from and supply chains are something we should all be looking at in this current climate).

Now, I’m a huge tea drinker and so decided to test out a few different types. I’ve landed upon, and have decided to highlight this year, the Scarborough Fair tea from Tribes & Nations. I’m a fairly die-hard green and chai mixed tea drinker, and I’m happy to add this Ceylon tea to my rotation. Also as a bonus it’s named from a place in the state where I’m from!

I’ve had a really good experience with the seller – supporting an Australian business, the founder being a pioneer in Fairtrade Australia and supporting Fairtrade itself, getting quality products at a really reasonable price ($4.90AUD for a box of 100 tea bags is damn good), AND its 100% compostable so not only is this tea good for the workers who make drinking this possible, but good for the planet as well.

I would definitely recommend checking out what products you can replace with Fairtrade items, you can find all the facts on Fairtrade tea here, and keep an eye out for this symbol when doing your shop to see what you can replace with Fairtrade items.

– Caitlin

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