What I’ve Been Up To In March

March has been a crazy busy month in terms of dates and events. I say events, but most of it I haven’t had to go anywhere, simply planning on odd purchases and schedules throughout the day. Let’s backtrack together;

3rd/4th March – I had my GP/Obstetrician appointment. A surprisingly difficult task with an almost one year old that just wants to run around and touch everything (I had her strapped to her pram much to her dismay). Chief complaint here was my incredible itchy skin and the disruption to my sleep. We followed this up with a blood test the following day which required fasting which, for a pregnant lady who doesn’t sleep, keeping food away from me didn’t seem like a good idea.

The waiting room at pathology was packed and we ended up waiting 2 hours to be seen. And when I say “we“, I mean myself and Charlotte. Yeah. She had to sit in her pram for 2 hours waiting for my number to get called through. She was less than impressed…

11th March – Charlotte turned 1!! It’s the weirdest thing the day before and day of – I could tell you exactly what I was doing the year before at each moment of the day. At 15 minutes past midnight, I had my baby. And now my baby is one year old.

As we are so isolated and far away from family we did a simple celebration with pancakes and fruit in the morning, balloons everywhere in the lounge room (they’re still there 3 weeks later), some age appropriate lego, and at lunch time some cake to destroy. After lunch we went down to the beach and tested out the new walking skills on the sand. As great as it would’ve been to have family around and throw a small party for her, I think she would’ve been overwhelmed by it all. Charlotte had a blast playing with her toys and chasing balloons around, the sugar rush after cake and being set loose on the beach. It was a perfect, relaxed day as a family.

12th March – Charlotte no longer enjoyed being 1 years old. It was immunisation time. Necessary unfortunately, no one likes seeing their kid in pain. Three needles later (which the lady took her damn time inbetween – SO not happy about that) and we were off to the shops with our sippy cup and snacks to get some fruit for afternoon tea. Charlotte was an absolute champ though – she was a happy girl an hour later and to put a happy memory on the end of her day we went back to the beach and played chasey together.

15th March – aaaand my turn for a birthday. I turned 25 this year. A quarter of the way through my life. I feel both happy with my age and progress and also a sense of panic about where my peers are at in their lives in comparison. I’m not someone who loves attention so with a few phone calls from family members, and my partner who came home an hour early from work to cook dinner for me, I was absolutely thrilled with my day. It was relaxed and calm, I hung out with Charlotte most the day and then had dinner and hung out with my partner in the evening. Overall a lovely Sunday and start to my next year of life.

17th March – MORE pregnancy appointments. This time, still itchy, still not sleeping, still in severe pelvic pain. Unfortunately the only thing the GP could tell me was to hang in there, it was a few more weeks and it’ll be all over. I did have my partner with me this time which was great for Charlotte purposes. Though I walked out without any relief to my ailments (is that the right word?) my partner was able to get all information first hand which saved me from explanations – also he drove home which was great.

20th March THINGS ARE HAPPENING! I woke up at 6am – as usual with Charlotte and we were hanging out in the lounge room. I had Disney+ up on the TV (trying to watch Frozen II), and as soon as it hit 7am it froze up. As we’re out on satellite internet and this is the beginning of “peak period data” it’s not unusual to rebuffer at this time. It was also around this time that I began to get reaaaaaally uncomfortable in my back. My right side lower back felt like I had pinched a nerve. No matter what I did, I couldn’t unpinch it or relieve the pain.

By 8am Charlotte was ready for her morning nap and I was in excruciating pain. My partner was asleep still as it was his first day of the weekend, and I ended up pacing around the house, having a bath, having a shower, different positions on the floor, and trying to lay down in bed. None of which helped relieve the pain.

At 12pm I headed in to the hospital it was awful. Turns out, I was in preterm labour! Things went from “lets just monitor you but it’s probably nothing” to “WE GOTTA STOP THIS AND ADMIT YOU OVERNIGHT, HERE’S A TEAM OF NURSES TO HELP“.

Yeah, not kidding. At the country hospital in my town they wont deal with babies before 37 weeks as they’re not equipped to, so we started the drug process to stop contractions, pain medication, and into my room for the night.

21st March – I was fine the next morning. A quick check by the doctor and I was released at 9am. I had never spent a night away from Charlotte before so I was keen to get home and see my family. Once at home, I relieved my partner of Dad duties (he went back to bed immediately) and I enjoyed playtime and preparing food in my own kitchen.

28th Marchtoday – and now we’re all caught up! I have more pregnancy appointments in the next 4 days and the contraction stopping medication has officially worn off now (I am starting to get some noticeable Braxton Hicks). I woke up this morning in serious pelvic pain and pressure to the point where I can’t walk. Here’s hoping we go into labour in the next 24-48 hours!

– Caitlin –

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