Why I’m Pulling My Daughter Out Of Daycare (For Now)

I love daycare. We love daycare. Referred to affectionately as “play day”, I’ve slowly upped Charlotte’s attendance days to 3 a week (Charlotte is my 10 1/2 month old baby girl).

The reason we love it so so much is because they feed her a variety of different foods, they encourage her to drink more water, they play educational games with her, she gets to interact with the other babies in the room, and probably (and somewhat selfishly) my favourite part is that she does artwork there that we get to take home.

However, the downside – and anyone who has had a child in daycare can attest to – is we’re constantly sick. Like, all. the. time. I think we last got sick in mid-November, and we’re all still battling bugs now on January 31st.

While I’m not currently working, studying a degree from home instead, I used the daycare days to get my head really stuck into my studies and the more difficult content. I was able to get all my work done, assignments handled confidently, and still have a little bit of time to do a grocery shop or attend appointments without worrying about tending to my babies needs. It was nice to be able to focus on tasks without any distractions. Basically.

I am currently 28 and a half weeks pregnant. Due to some complications (which I will go into at a further date when things are a little less all over the place) I will have to travel at 36 weeks to the city, which is roughly 750km from my house. Due to increased appointments and the possibility of unforeseen travel, having been sick all the damn time we decided to stop doing daycare. Get ourselves healthy before we welcome a newborn into the household.

In a sense, it had occurred to me that I’m essentially quarantining us from other young children in an effort to not get sick. That did make me laugh. But I think we can all agree that getting sick sucks. And if we can actively avoid it, we would.

In regards to the time I used to study, I’ve decided I’ll just have to do it at night time when Charlotte goes to bed. Opting to only study 2 units this upcoming semester when I will be giving birth, hopefully I will have enough time and energy in the evenings to dedicate toward study. And by the time semester 2 starts I hope I’ll be able to pick up a higher study load and have both girls on a bedtime schedule.

BUT TODAY we are attending daycare! 5 more days left and then we’re shifting to casual. My exams are next week, and after that, I will return to looking after a baby/almost toddler all day every day, and studying at night.

Wish me luck – and sanity, please hold up to this!

– Caitlin –

One thought on “Why I’m Pulling My Daughter Out Of Daycare (For Now)

  1. We had to stop attending church a few years ago because our third child was getting croup (and having dangerous complications) constantly! Sometimes you have to quarantine for the sake of your family! I hope you guys start feeling better. šŸ™‚


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