Finishing 2019 with Bushfires

It has been a busy few weeks. The lead up to Christmas was a bit hectic, but planned out. And then Boxing Day happened. And things went a little sideways.

I’m lucky enough that where I live, we haven’t been impacted by the bushfires greatly. Unlike the Eastern States, Western Australia is large enough and sparse enough that the bushfires that do roll through aren’t able to get as out of control and take off as they have been in NSW and Victoria.

That said, the place where I live just east of Esperance did catch fire. There have been a few fires out this way for a little over a month, but they have been behind containment lines for the most part. On Boxing Day, a summer storm rolled through and started a few fires. One of those fires was 4km’s from my house. The other, 12km’s away. Between my house and those fires lies dense bush that has never had a burn off.

We were put on an evacuation alert, packed the car with our essentials and important things, and waited. My partner was out helping fight the fires as part of his job, and I was at home with Charlotte waiting to hear if we needed to leave or not (I went to bed after being awake for 22 hours). A very tense after Christmas break.

Luckily we didn’t need to leave. The house had to be locked up airtight for a week or so as the smoke was pure acrid, coating your throat type that made you cough and cover your face. Thankfully we didn’t need to go outside too much and Charlotte managed to stay inside away from the smoke.

The fires to the north of myself however did close the only road between Western Australia and South Australia for 12 days. That fire still burns, and people have lost property, but thankfully it isn’t on the same scale as the Eastern States.

So far in the new year, I have been working on getting back into a daycare schedule for Charlotte, meal planning and budgeting, and sorting out my appointments for this current pregnancy (and all it’s wonderful complications this time around).

It’s seems surreal that we’re almost 2 weeks in to 2020. Time moved quickly on that, along with a busy schedule and a never ending list of things to be done.

I hope everyone stays safe this year and starts out strong.

– Caitlin –

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