6 Books on My Reading List

Hey Guys! So I went impulse buying (whoops) in a book store (double whoops)! To be fair - after grabbing about 11 books, I realised I'm not rich and put 5 back - so it wasn't as bad for my bank as it could have been. Silver linings! I wanted to have a variety of books from all … Continue reading 6 Books on My Reading List

Becoming an Author

I've been searching recently for some new books to read. I considered a subscription box service such as OwlCrate where I would get a random book once a month with some random bits and bobs attached. Or trying out a book club and getting some socializing in as well. Goodreads also have a tonne of … Continue reading Becoming an Author


Hey guys! I write this from my phone in my hospital bed. Surgery went wonderfully and I'm feeling tired but okay (thanks painkillers!!). After many shuffling of theatre times, I finally went in at 11am and woke up at 12:45. Really happy it went quick so less of a bill for the anaesthetic. The plan … Continue reading Surgery